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Baby Alpaca Set

In newborn photography sessions, intricate, eye-catching props are almost always a must-have. One of the best ways to set up a photoshoot that any new mom would treasure forever is to use sets of colorful, matching wraps and hats. However, you won’t want to use just any material for this – you’ll want to use material made from baby alpaca wool as they are some of the softest, lightest, all-natural materials for infants on the market. 

What Are Baby Alpaca Wraps? 

First off, it’s a total misconception that baby alpaca wool is obtained through harming baby alpacas. In fact, the wool itself isn’t even always from baby alpacas. It’s simply a term used to refer to the softest type of alpaca fur and can come from an alpaca of any age. As such, products made from baby alpaca wool are some of the softest on the market – an ideal product for use on a baby. 

Our baby alpaca sets are made from 100% baby alpaca yarn, ethically sourced from Peru. Say good-bye to artificial, synthetic fabrics that may irritate newborn skin and cause distress. 

Soft & Gentle on Newborn Skin 

It’s not a secret that newborn skin can be sensitive. When taking your client’s baby pictures, you’ll want a product that isn’t going to make them fussy and squirming around; you’ll want one that has a noticeable texture. Plus, moms and babies alike love the matching soft and earthy tones that can come as wraps, hats, or sets of both. The material is extremely light and soft, perfect for newborn photo shoots. Wraps made from baby alpaca wool are so soft and comfy that many babies fall asleep once wrapped up. Now that makes for some cute pictures! 

Stylish and Found in a Variety of Colors 

At Al & Chill, we offer a variety of colors to set nearly any type of mood. Our deep, rich, earthy tones provoke images of strength and naturalness. The soft pastels demonstrate innocence and joy. Or simply go with a traditional pale pink or blue for your sweet clients. Unleash your creativity by matching colors to the baby’s eyes or skin tone, or making certain aspects of your photography environment pop. You can purchase wraps and hats separately, or you can purchase them in a set with matching colors.

Perfect choice for newborn photographers

To conclude, wraps made from baby alpaca wool is some of the lightest, softest, all-natural material that is ethically sourced and is especially perfect for newborn photo shoots. Babies are so cozy when wrapped up in this wool that they frequently doze off – or at least lay still! Experiment with a variety of beautiful colors to set a specific mood, or complement the baby’s eyes or skin tone. The baby alpaca sets come with a wrap and matching hat, so you can have even more cuteness in your photoshoots. 

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